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Nov 7, 2012 4:00pm EST
some of the higherccumulating snowfalls. trenton, new jersey, and up around hartford, connecticut. back to what's going on here. you can see the trend, the moisture pushing throughout the morning hours. the afternoon hours from east to west, now leesburg, d.c., waldorf, leonardtown. very few reports of much of anything falling here. in new jersey, look at that white, different story here where they've had low visibility, down to a quarter mile. the bigger flakes here. that's closer to the center of the storm system. and even our wind gusts inland have been up around 20 miles per hour. i'm not expecting much at all from this storm system. maybe an inch of accumulating snowfall. i-95, hartford, cecil county, we could see a dusting around baltimore, areas of northern howard county. generally light rain here with our best opportunity coming between 8:00 p.m. and about 11:00 p.m. very short window, where we could see anything squeezed out of the atmosphere. we'll talk more about the winter weather advisories and the next big thing coming our way in weather in a couple of minutes. >>> preside
Nov 1, 2012 4:30am EDT
in parkville at hartford road, no problems to report heading up towards towson. >>> many of you the lights are back on and you're waking up in a warm house this morning. bge says they have restored power it more than 90% of customers in the area. the company has thousands of employees right now trying to get the job done. that includes nearly 2,000 out of state workers brought in from maryland to help. they hope to have everybody's power back on by friday night. >>> the video and pictures from new york and new jersey are reminders of how bad things could have been for us here in maryland. this morning we're sending help. and linda so joins us right now. i know a lot of people are wondering what can i do. what kind of assistance is heading up north. >> baltimore city is sending two ambulances a total of five emergency personnel to atlantic county. they will be leaving on northern parkway any minute now. they're on their way to flooded our areas in new jersey where homes are destroyed. they'll be joined by several other medics in maryland to help with the recovery. they're stocked with banda
Nov 1, 2012 5:30am EDT
traffic lauren cook. >>> we are still dealing with storm damage in hartford county. if you are traveling in towson be careful on friendship road, some of the other intersections going to be mayhem road at carsins run road and crescent drive. >>> there are no problems on 95 from bel air to white marsh and it will remain clear as you led into the city. as we take a look at 695 here in parkville, hartford road and everything moving right along. no delays towards towson. >>> back to the birthday girl, ms. megan pringle. >>> thank you very much. five days until election day and for many of you it can't come soon enough, but one little girl, she wants it to be november 7th probably more than any of us. we're going to show you her reaction to yet another interview with the presidential candidates. >>> it's 5:43. we weren't completely spared from sandy's destruction but when you look at the images from new york and atlantic new jersey we know we did not get the worst of it. we are sending charlie up to atlantic city this morning, so he's out in our parking lot. you're about to leave, and what's
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
sides talking. >>> there are child pornography charges against a hartford county man. cyber police tracked his online activity to his parents forestville home. the parents say their son is autistic one of his former friends downloaded child porn on his computer, there were over 400 files on the computer. >>> 22-year-old mathew cheswick was struck and killed on the holiday weekend. >>> westbound north avenue, closed after being shut down for two days after a huge water main break. charles street still closed along with other streets surrounding the break. a 60-inch water main erupted flooding the streets for more than a day the city doesn't have a time table for repairing the main and the street. >>> a starry starry night, chief meteorologist, wyatt is here, are we waking up to cold or hopefully just another sunny day. we need another day like this. >> i think we will keep them coming. >> starry starry night. absolutely and a clear day for the first half. may see a few clouds in the afternoon. temperature, mid-40s. a few upper 30s. some of our cool spots, 30, federals burg but a cry
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
. if you see that car call police. >>> we had a shooting in parkville on hartford road. between putty hill and taylor avenue. just before 3: 30 and they believe the victim was shot as part of an attempted robbery. the descriptions are vague. the victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. >>> kevin clash's accuser is recouldn'ting his action -- recanting his allegation. clash is the puppeteer hindle mow. -- behind elmo. beautiful today. will it last. >> the clear weather will last, the chill will be there overnight and into the commute. you want to dress warm, behind this line of showers crystal clear skies will allow conditions to cool off rapidly. 28 in towson, westminster down to 28. frost from northwest to southeast ward. winds have died down after a day of gust. we have a five to 10 miles an hour breeze. over night skies stay clear. and by midday we'll be warmer. how things develop through the end of the week, coming up. >>> we need more money, that's what people are saying in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. they are asking for more federal aid. hoping for a quick
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
road at cold spring. and also cold spring near hartford. a live picture of the work as they continue the process to repair the water main break and enter the area of cold spring and york. this is was down 40 at the haten memorial bridge. traffic being diverted down to 95. you can take 95 to avoid it altogether. watch for construction at look- ins avenue. the outer loop is in great shape. no problems on the outer loop other than building volume. six minutes on southbound 95 from the 895 split to fort mchenry. you can see, this is a good way to go. you want to avoid rte. 40 and stay away from memorial bridge because this is what the closure looks like right at the haten memorial bridge. that is the latest. >> taking a look at some of the top stories. two former penn state university officials face an arraignment on criminal charges in connection with the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. they already face several charges. on thursday, the attorney general it one more on them -- a child endangerment charge. the pair will fully looked the other way when presented with accusations o
Nov 1, 2012 4:55am EDT
with storm damage. up in hartford county you want to be extra careful traveling in fall is to be where there's damage at friendship road and mayhem road at carsons run road and crescent ride at 543. if you are using 95 as we check in and take a look at 152, everytng moving right along. no delays as you travel towards white marsh. you'll notice the jfx going to be in great shape, just that typical 11 minute ride from the beltway down to fayette street. no delays from parkville to towson. no delays, normal drive times to travel that outer loop from 795 down towards 95. over to you. >>> 2 minutes after 5, all new, help is on the way for our neighbors in new jersey who suffered a lot from this storm. abc2's linda so is here with how emergency responders in our state are helping out. >> just 10 minutes ago an ambulance and suv and several emergency responders from baltimore left for new jersey, a second ambulance will be leaving any minute now. they ran into a problem when that ambulance wouldn't start. they're in the process of jump starting it right now. the crews are heading to atlantic county
Nov 14, 2012 6:30am EST
towards 95 and inner loop will be clear through pikesville. here's what it looks like an hartford road, no problems to report whatsoever. you're looking at normal conditions. 11 minutes right now to travel the outer loop from 95 all the way up to 83. and the northeast corridor of 95 going to be in great shape. no delays right now in white marsh. it's going to take you 15 minutes to travel southbound from 695 all the way downtown. that's a look at your abc 2 time saver traffic. charley, over to you. >>> 6:31. and we are tracking breaking news for you today. a house fire in reisterstown sends one woman to the burn unit with burns to more than 50% of her body. that's where we find abc news' sherree johnson this morning. she is live at bayview medical with the very latest on that fire and the woman's condition. sheree. >>reporter: yes. at last reports the woman was reported to be in critical condition, and, yes, she was brought here to bayview medical center in east baltimore just a few hours ago after she was trapped in a fire at her home. now, take a look at this video that we shot ear
Nov 12, 2012 1:00am EST
be hartford so that's been crashed out in the terms to say you can't to the coercive techniques. you can't be threatening them with a loss of privileges if you feel to cooperate with the interrogator you can't have your food or medical care taken away and can't be physically abused in any kind of way. >> professor skerker, when a is interrogation immoral? >> i would say any time physical methods are used for a couple reasons. first of all whether it is a law enforcement to usually they are a suspected combatant. it's not known for certain the they've done anything but meriting. so if you start torture and people you are punishing people who may very well be innocent and in counterinsurgency gyrations more often than not the interrogators. or a confirmed say al qaeda member for alana non-game of member. you've seen the interrogation lampert you can only be violent with people in assets the only way to. so you are acting disproportionately. dole is even more restrictive and says quite clearly with any detainee whether it is a domestic criminal suspect or p.o.w. or suspected international s
Nov 19, 2012 1:00pm PST
right across the street from -- >> the hartford county sheriffs department. >> better get video of this one. >>> a young woman is assaulted in pakistan which leads to something that they call honor killing. now a film exposes the terror behind the victim's search for justice. >>> watch out because here comes honey booboo child. see the star as a real piece of art. >>> plus the monday buzzword for your shot at a free ipad and how that sky dive from space inspired one man -- >> to try his own red bull styled stunt. >> too bad this guy takes it right into old astronaut. >>> it's halloween weekend october 27 near baltimore, maryland. keep an eye on the guy on the dirt bike. know who he is dressed like? he has an evil kanevil costume on. a couple of buddies have a ramp on the back of a four wheeler. that ramp is right in front of a fountain right across the street from the sheriffs department. >> which is next to a lot of brick skbauwalls and buildings. >> he goes backwards against traffic and moves around again.q he did it! >> he channelled his fears and launched himself right over
Nov 7, 2012 12:00pm EST
not seen much at this point. rain issee, the current muc near hartford county. this is impacting -- this is not impacting baltimore city. ocean city is experiencing light rain at this moment, nothing too heavy just yet. the storm system will continue to track up north. that is why we think we will miss the worst of it. the storm will stay away from baltimore. if we get anything come it will become the second -- from the secondary low. the question is whether it will come in as a wintry mix. 23 m.p.h. the guests in ocean city. only gusting to about 11 miles per hour in downtown baltimore. the family what to expect that of a nor'easter, some very strong wind. it is starting to engineer ed wood. that is about it. in everyone else's -- it is starting to edge in near edgewood. that is about it. everyone else is dry. a light wintry mix possible to the afternoon, especially after sunset. remember, the sun sets just before 5:00 p.m. now. if we get accumulation, it should be on grassy areas. not really expecting too much on the roads. it will be in the northeastern parts of maryland that
Nov 8, 2012 4:30am EST
. it was better news for the coast, but inland areas got nailed. hartford, connecticut, 4 inches of snow. central park in new york city, almost 5 inches of snow is almost unheard of, wasser, mass., 5 inches, danbury, connecticut, 9. and one in new jersey with a foot of snow. the storm almost looks like a tropical storm. that's the center of it. south of nantucket. its anding over the interior sections. it's wrapping in some warmer air, changing over snow to rain in areas of long island. the temperatures have warmed up even at the upper levels of the storm. that will help things during the day today. the worst of it definitely on cape cod right now. look at the wind gusts. 59 on martha's vineyard, 55 on provincetown. cape cod, this is the worst of it for you. you're getting the rain and the pounding wind. w worcester, the snow with the leaves on the trees aren't doing so well. major highways fine. secondary roads slushy. during the afternoon hours the roads will clear up. most of us will head into the 40s. it will be a slushy, wet mess by later this afternoon. >> it will warm up and melt off. >>>
Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
filtering the son today. a few sprinkles up in hartford county. and cecil county. now all the rain is up to the north. in the clear here. here is the storm out of the west. not as much snow now as there was earlier put some strong thunderstorms, especially in kansas now. the stop at the great lakes is all this warm air pushing up and bumping into warm air in canada -- the stuff at the great lakes is all this warm air pushing up and bumping into warm air in canada. above normal temperatures. 32 below this morning. -- 32 this morning. a few areas of fog overnight as temperatures drop off. 48. centreville, 49. randallstown, 45. mount airy, 47. frederick, 37 degrees. satellite images. most of the clouds are in pennsylvania now. a nice, clear night. that allows the temperatures to drop. high temperature -- high- pressure is with us. an influx of warmer air coming in. but along the boundary, we are getting showers. this cold out -- cold front out to the west, that is what will change our weather by tuesday or so. you can see the rush of warm air ahead of that front and how cold it is in montan
Nov 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
just before 11:30 last night in hartford county. three people were killed when the driver of a car lost control on eastbound route 646. maryland state police have identified the victims. they're both 21 years old. police say henderson was driving the car. also killed in the crash, a 20- year-old girl, alexandra. the preliminary investigation and said they were moving back to emerson's home. owensby and clark were taken to shock trauma. after last week's discovery of a body part in right to reisterstown, they found remains of an unknown man. germander down yesterday in hanover pike. it is half a mile away from larry human hand was down -- from where a human hand was found. they have determined that it is human. detectives are investigating the shooting that happened around 6:30. when police arrived, they found an adult male with a gunshot wound to the leg. no word on his condition or any suspects. from 9:00 last night, police were called to west baltimore for a reported assault. they found a man and suffering from multiple stab wounds. he said he was attacked near dawson street. he was t
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am PST
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Nov 27, 2012 2:00am PST
temperatures closely because notice how cold it is up there in albany, hartford and boston. in any snow does fall, it probably wouldn't accumulate on the pavement. still hovering around 40. so whatever falls should melt throughout the morning and especially during the afternoon. here's the winter radar. this is our little weak storm. the white shows you where the snow is. the pink is the mix. and then where we show you the green, that's where the rain is. washington, d.c., starting heavier echoes. this is probably hitting the ground, maybe a little sleet mixed in, too, western maryland. as this all translates this afternoon right over the top of the philadelphia to new york city area, that's where we could see minor accumulations. we're not talking a lot. the cities themselves, probably the roads will be fine, on the cars and the grass, maybe an inch or two. north and west of philadelphia, pennsylvania, northwest jersey could get from two to three inches. southern new england could pick up an inch or two and that could even accumulate on the roads. the airports could have minor issues as tha
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am EST
down from hartford county, building volume. but moving well it down toward the 895 split. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> today in washington, david petraeus answers questions for the first time since resigned over an affair. >> but today's hearing is and focused on that, lawmakers want to know what he knows about the attack in libya that killed four americans. >> after 3 hour briefings and the cia and fbi come to live with the house and senate intelligence committees will hear from former cia director, david petraeus. >> he interviewed many of the people, as i understand it, that were involved appearance of the opportunity to get his views is very important. >> the closed door hearing is not expected to get into the affair that prompted david petraeus to resign. the fbi concluded it was a personal matter. >> we made the determination as we are going through that there was not a threat to national security. >> david petraeus testified today on the deadly attack that killed four americans and then gonzi. thursday they saw the real time video of the attack. >> th
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
with a crash. first one of the day. it's on 695 on the outer loop. as you can see here in hartford road it's not causing any significant delays as of yet but traffic is starting to pick up. if you are traveling on the west side of the beltway this is what it looks like at liberty road. everything moving along, 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. 83 going to be in great shape if you are driving that to get downtown. you're looking at an 11 minute ride traveling southbound from 695 all the way down to fayette street. and everything up to speed through the harbor tunnel as well as the fort mchenry tunnel. that is a lookat your abc2 time saver traffic. >>> 6 minutes after 6. from the middle east to right here at home, the maryland national guard is always there when you need them, and this morning the men and women who serve the state of maryland in the national guard are helping in the aftermath johnson has the s >> the maryland national guard is doing its part to help local authorities in the aftermath of super storm sandy. troops are on patrol in towns like salisbu
Nov 1, 2012 6:30am EDT
starting to congest here in parkville, 695 at hartford road a12 minute road on the outer look from 95 up to 83. and if you are traveling on 95 in white marsh no problems southbound from the beltway to downtown. that stretch will take just 15 minutes. >>> as more and more of us are seeing the lights go back on it's an entirely different story in new jersey. there they are waking up to what will undoubtedly be another day of picking through the rubble and those treasured possessions they had. just outside of new york city, kirk i know that you started out here in maryland over on kent island and made your way through new jersey. give us an idea of how bad it is and the things you've seen along the way. >> reporter: well, here in hoboken they're dealing with power outages and flood waters which have receded. we made our way up the jersey shore and saw some pretty unbelievable things. we stopped in cape may, a beach called reed's beach. we saw homes decimated by the storm, entire living rooms ripped off the back of the home, unbelievable stuff, and further north of new jersey we found a mari
Nov 14, 2012 6:00am EST
is concerned, no problems to report here in parkville. traffic right along here at hartford road. you're looking at an 11-minute ride on the outer loop from 95 up to 83 and the inner loop also going to be clear as you make the drive down towards 95. normal conditions over on the west side of the beltway. you're looking at a 10-minute ride right now on the outer loop from 795 down to 70. that's a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. charley, over to you. >>> 6:16. we're following breaking news for you on this went. a woman is being treated for injuries after flames raced through her reisterstown home. for that we want to go back to abc 2 news' sherree johnson. she's live outside of bayview hospital with more on this woman's condition. >>reporter: we've been in touch with fire officials here. at last report the woman was reported to be in critical condition. yes, we are in front of johns hopkins bayview medical center where the woman was brought here just a few hours ago after fire broke out at her home. take a look at this video that we shot earlier this morning. that fire bro
Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm EST
island, central park and hartford, massachusetts. i don't think we'll see more than a few flakes east of town. some of the prince -- precipitation wraps back around. if you're heading out 50 towards annapolis, you'll have a wet commute going home, but if you're going out towards leesburg or warrenton, i think you'll stay dry. close in view, a little rain toward bowie and up towards annapolis and baltimore. maybe some flakes later tonight, not a big deal. 39 in gaithersburg, 41 in fairfax, 42 in college park and 41 in bowie. so tracking the nor'easter, a little light rain or snow tonight, but it stays dry in the western suburbs, dry morning commute. keep your jacket handy. next three days guess what, 9 weather alerts are green, green, green. windy tomorrow but decent, 52. cool but nice friday, 59, sunshine and look at this, saturday, mostly sunny, in the upper 60s and it just gets better. yes, it does. check this out. i'm going 70 or near 70 on sunday and on monday. we have the heart walk on saturday, anita and howie there. please participate in that. ravens are at home, 70, 70 on mon
Nov 8, 2012 2:00am PST
of the hudson valley all done. a little light snow from hartford to new haven back into the high country. the winds and the rain will be the issue today in cape cod. the winds are very high, into the 40 to 50-mile-per-hour range. the winds over massachusetts, connecticut and rhode island will get weaker as we go throughout the morning. the worst part of this nor'easter all done with. the worst part of the snow is definitely done with. temperatures into the 40s today. the roads will have draw malt tick improvement. that's why a lot of the schools are only on delays instead of cancellations. a big snowstorm in montana and also the northern rockies. the rest of the country looks really great. tomorrow, the areas hit by the nor'easter will be back into the 50s. hopefully the power crews can get things going and recover from sandy. >>> just ahead, stephen colbert's agony of defeat. who is your favorite fictional president? entertainment is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013
Nov 9, 2012 2:00am PST
should get into the 50s all the way from boston to hartford. we should take another couple inches off that snow pack. funny saying that this time of year. rest of the country, southeast looks cold and chilly to start. the storm in the northwest it the one we'll track through the weekend. we'll watch that on saturday. the worst of it will be heading into the midwest. could watch good storms from minneapolis through areas of nebraska. sunday, areas of rain. watch out in chicago during the day on sunday. possibly a watchoshout at times. the middle of the country is going to get a little stormy. >> all right, bill. thanks so much. >>> just ahead, bond is back, and a new take on an old president. plus, whether you're team edward or team jacob, twilight mania is in full swing. your entertainment headlines are straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. had to be slow. or that printing in color had to cost a fortune. nobody said an all-in-one had to be bulky. or that you had to print from your desk. at least, nobody said it to us. introducing the business smart inkjet all-in-one s
Nov 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
in different areas. turnout in hartford county is 16%. there were numbers for baltimore city, but when i spoke with armas said jones, he said he thought had 20,000 people voting in baltimore city. baltimore county has an 18% turnout. you are going to have long lines. we're getting reports into the station of people complaining about long lines and not enough machines. but we have a big general election, we have long lines and that is a good thing. these people are getting out and the polls will be open until 8:00 tonight. if you are in line at 8:00, you will be able to vote. they will not kick you out of the line. the best time to vote today i'm told is between 10:00 and 4:00. go get in line if you have to. >> just be patient. besides electing a president, maryland voters will select a new u.s. senator. several will choose a representative and major issues will appear on your ballot. let's look at this year's referendum questions. question for asks if you support the maryland dream act. that would provide tuition for children of illegal immigrants if you attended in maryland high-school for th
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
:30 on the bridge just east of the stadium way. the lane is open between helen and hartford but it's closed between stadium way and overland. the water service may be affected because of this break. that is not the only water main break. >> a bigger one is creating problems on york road. brian is there with more on the mess. always seams to be a water main break on york road. >> reporter: yeah it happened at about one today. you can seat work going on behind me. about 40 businesses and residents are without water at this hour. the city said this was a 16- inch main that broke this afternoon and they are trying to figure out why. we know weather and change of temperature can cause these things but the city isn't ready to say that just yet. the aging infrastructure and still no word on how this is. either way it served as quite a site for people parked along york road. >> it looked like a monster came out of the ground. something like that. >> did you hear anything previous? >> i think i heard something but i didn't pay no mind because of all the traffic up and down york road. had no idea that --
Nov 1, 2012 5:30pm EDT
of water moving this is from the tidewater marina. lookinga crowd toward cecil from hartford. tough to find any sun here at summit ridge and same in dundock. little bit of bright sun on the horizon toward the east. there was sun down toward the beach but none of that here in baltimore. we have 49, with the winds west at 12. sunset at 6:05. don't forget to fall back an hour. sandy, the impacts, so many different photographs, to me this is just coast to coast. north of the state line. you can't get to the access road here. they are working on it. they are bulldozing it out and we have feet of snow in western maryland. power outages across garret county. the maryland national guard and you can see why. darn good early november skiing though. winds now from the west, chilly night. cool on the way. temperatures in the 40s. yeah, it's a cool weather situation and kind of a gray gloomy one. that's going to hold up tomorrow as cool air fun he is in on the back side. once again even into saturday. looks like a crisp fall day. no question about that. again though we will continue to get the clouds an
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
than a slushy coating on the northern part of the state. right along the water line here in hartford county down toward apg and into annapolis some showers. some over the chesapeake right now. in the north there could be some slick spots toward daybreak tomorrow. you can see right now most of the rain actually getting a little batch pushing south to dc, that's just temperatures too warm to support any kind of a sticking precipitation. the rain has been light. about a tenth to a quarter of an inch in a few spots. mainly rain with a little snow mixing in there. wind gusts have been around 20 today. higher at the beaches though. we're picking up 34 in aberdeen 36 in chesterten. we can see where we could easily fall below 32 degrees. those are all going to be in question for the morning commute. you're gonna be looking at the potential for some pretty ugly weather. it was ugly at the beach today by the way. in fact we had basically nothing but big surf rolling in as the nor'easter passed off shore. it was all rain down this way. in as far as dover they did see some pretty decent snow thi
Nov 9, 2012 6:00am EST
they will be beating the raiders this sunday. best of luck to them. if you are in hartford county. it has shut down route 7 at 543. stick with 40 or 495. if you are traveling the northeast corridor. no problems to report in white marsh. it will be 15 minutes from the beltway into the city. as we check in and take a look outside. you will notice actually can you pull up the camera. the west side. traffic is picking up. no delays as we travel down through route 40. and this is what 83 looks like and hunt valley. not too many cars out there. that's a look at your traffic. over to you. >>> and take a look at this a visitor at a carpet store a deer dashed in. it was inside for half an hour. the animal made its way outside leaving a part behind and a ton of damage. >> i went out into the news room. they were on the floor rolling around with this puppy. check out the dog. >> this puppy will grow to a bigger dog. she is a pit bull mix. we have talked about it latedy. and that describes them. >> she is a mix. >> and right now it is tough on people. and a lot of people are saying that -- are you seeing more
Nov 15, 2012 6:00pm EST
state. roland park finding a cloudy, dreary looking day. no question. temperatures held down in hartford. not to far north of apg. we find a generally agree looking day over the mighty river and how about summit ridge where sun was tough to find. i think we will find more sun in the mix come tomorrow. let's talk pittsburgh. 40 degrees for that kickoff. so right now weather looking like a nonfactor in the game. a light southeast breeze but not enough to impact the field kickers. we look for a big ravens win. 40s this evening. ono their way to the 30s overnight. might we see a little warmer? it's possible. it's lip balm kind of weather. the heater cranking the dry air in to the house and you are talking about dry conditions in your home. as we look out there now is going to stay dry the rest of the night though it'll be party to mostly cloudy and the system over the eastern part of north carolina, all eyes on this coastal system. it's the only weather player on the map right now but for now all projections taking this thing slowly to the north and east, slowly out to sea. that's going to m
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm EST
a couple down here and hartford is in it. a couple of portions of the eastern shore up high in maryland. little here, again, a few chances for sprinkles or a flake here and there and temperature right now, though, it's a big story. 39 degrees and it's going to be a cold one tonight. the district is 44 degrees and you get to classes like new york, 32 degrees. the snow they're getting is going to stick and we have had some gusts up there as well. the highest gusts is 50. you can see that stevensville is close to one of those gusts. they're getting a gust of 28 miles an hour. the wins are not that bad and that is not something they want to see. they have had to shut down repairs they were doing and we think if this is the worst they get that will keep the water levels down and check out the future cast. as we go forward in up to, some continuing snow for portions of the del marva and some locate amounts there covering the grass and maybe a sprinkle or snowmake for some areas and into the morning hours, it releases the grip on our area and affecting new england tomorrow and a pattern change
Nov 7, 2012 6:00pm EST
of the burbs in new york and up toward hartford. they already have 3 inches on the ground, so that's kind of cool i think. i just love snow. it relaxes me. that's all. oh, this is winter. i'm sorry, it's not windsor earlier today. it's snowing to beat the ban at about noon, but the temperature wasn't falling. it was still above freezing and yes, it can snow above freezing. now the temperature is about 30 and it's sticking very nicely in the windsor area. live look outside, temperatures in the 40s. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, 44, dew points in the upper 20s, winds out of the north at 15 and will continue to increase both in speed and frequently. pressure now rising at 2.92 inches of america -- 29.92 inches of mercury, pretty big band of snow through northern and central new jersey. that will go on till 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. don't travel through philadelphia and new york from about 3 p.m. to midnight we tweeted last night and that was the case. you may see a couple wet flakes later on tonight as colder air gets drawn into the system, but for the mo
Nov 8, 2012 12:00pm EST
attempted to name storms. but local tv stations wfsb in hartford, connecticut has been naming storms for more than 40 years. the meteorologist mark dixon says the station will only name a storm if it's expected to bring at least 6 inches of snow or a half inch of ice to the viewers. today's storm doesn't make the cut. and dixon says his station won't be calling it athena either. what if it's an epic dud? we'll find out sooner or later, erica grow, 9news now. >> what do you think? erica says the general feeling outside the weather channel has been to sort of ignore this whole thing that they're trying to put together. even the tv stations that are own bid the same company as the weather channel are deciding you know what? i don't want to do this. >> i think this is wrong. this may not be a bad idea per se but i think it's wrong when a private company decided we're going to do this. as meteorologists we have a community and when we give you the watches and the warnings they're coming from the national weather service and we have a consistency message. we know people flip back and forth
Nov 7, 2012 10:00am PST
at the present time but the radar is showing some very intense snow up across connecticut. near hartford, bristol, waterbury, those areas have accumulating snow. i've seen pictures on the interstate where it is accumulating on the roads. the is intensity of the snow is key, andrea. wherever it falls whether philadelphia, new york, hoboken, hartford, if it comes down fast enough, for a long enough period of time, there are going to be problems on the roads and there are going to be additional power outages. back to you. >> jim c much for the warnings, i think. say it isn't so. >>> and up next, michael feldman ifan michaels with a full election night debrief. stay with us. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. oral-b power brushes oscillate, rotate and even pulsate to gently loosen and brea
Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
in parts of the area. video out of connecticut, this was around the hartford area where they picked up a record snowfall for the month of november. over five inches in hartford. parts of connecticut picked up over a foot of snow. of course, this was right after sandy last week. very tough going across that region during the day today. at least early this morning. but with the sun coming out, things are going to get a lot better. the chilly, windy weather behind our storm system moving out of here. tomorrow, abundant sunshine once again. high pressure begins to develop. then the area of high pressure sticks around and we continue to warm up. by saturday, i think we're in the mid-60s. and by sunday and monday, temperatures in the low 70s. boy, do we need to see that. it's going to be a great time for the weekend. as far as the weather's concerned. clear skies, breezy and mild this evening. 47 to 52 degrees. tomorrow morning, clear skies, chilly start, 28 in some of the coldest suburbs to about 36 in the city. again, with abundant sunshine, we should warm up fairly quickly tomorrow. final
Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm EST
of baltimore county and hartford county and there is a winter weather advisory, very little if any accumulation there and i don't expect anything here. wind gusts to the northeast, 22 miles per hour and newark at 29. can you see most of these anywhere between 20 and 30 and you get an occasional gust into the 40s there and this is not nearly as strong as a nor'easter can be. and so, at least if we can find anything that is busy about this, it's not that strong. >> and thank you. you know, these kinds of driving conditions are very difficult sometimes and, in fact, the maryland state highway administration is warning drivers to be extra caution tonight. the administration reminds drivers to give yourselves extra travel time since this is central maryland's first winter weather o you can reps of the season. shawn. >>> in new york and new jersey, people are still recovering from sandy and they're preparing for the worst. janice dean has the latest. >> reporter: the northeast catching no breaks as a nor'easter strikes the region and still dealing with the aftermath of superstorm sandy. philadelphia
Nov 8, 2012 5:00am EST
. but local tv station wfsb in hartford, connecticut has been naming winter storms for more than 40 years. >> for quite some time. >> reporter: the meteorologist mark dixon says the station will only name a storm if it's expected to bring 6-inches of snow or at least a half inch of ice to the viewers. dixon said the station won't be calling it athena either. my guess is we'll find out sooner or later if it's an epic dud. erica grow, 9news now. >> the general feeling outside the weather channel has been to ignore named storms altogether. it's going to be interesting to see and we wanted to bring howard in on this. >> i don't think it's necessarily a bad idea. my concern is that you have a private company taking the lead. if we're going to be in the meteorological community warning people getting out the message, we have to be consistent and i think that has to have the national weather at the head of the decision making processes. those are the guys who issue the watches and warnings that we bring to you in math and we do that and the other stations do that. we all give you the same watche
FOX News
Nov 13, 2012 2:00am PST
international, sacramento and california and bradley international in hartford. >> great options. the reason we look at these especially if you haven't booked your ticket yet you should look at the alternative airports really within a 90 mile radius it may be worth driving a few extra miles to save carbon your ticket but also to have less of a hectic experience. you can go to savannah or south carolina or go down to orlando. if it saves you it00 bucks why not. >> those are good points. prices go down for folks at home that are watching that have not yet bought their plain tickets or family for christmas. are they going to go down any? >> prices are only going to go up. there are few seats left on the more popular flights. book your ticket now if you haven't or think about driving. for christmas there is some flexibility but the earlier you purchase the better. >> hard to believe it is thanksgiving next week. the biggest day to drive is thanksgiving. try to avoid thanksgiving. what about christmastime? >> you have the flexibility because you have vacation days. the busiest days are saturday and
Nov 19, 2012 2:00am PST
at those shots from florida, it's like 80, 90 degrees, it's, what, 27 in hartford, 23 in albany. >> it's that time where a lot of snow birds are getting itchy ready to go south in the winter. i can see you as one of those. you're destined to be a snow bird at some point in your life. >> you're absolutely right. >> good morning, everyone. thanksgiving week, the weather couldn't be better if you're east of the rockies. nice easy forecast for me and you to travel, ideal. cold this morning get being the kids ready. people have three days of work and school this week. temperatures in the 20s. it's cold. sunshine, temperatures will be into the upper 40s, some cases the 50s. no problem for the mid-atlantic, ohio valley. the southeast too. all of the troublesome weather today is out in the northwest. that's where the large storm is. washington state, northern california. you'll have the worst weather today and for much of the week. wednesday, the busy travel day, it continues to be the same weather pattern. everywhere east of the rockies, mostly sunny if not completely sunny skies. mild temper
Nov 22, 2012 2:30am PST
flying. no problems with the winds and a little chilly in philly. and hartford. it will warm up to the 50s. the nation's capital going to be in the mid to upper 50s. this is about as a warm as it gets. we have cold air for this region of the country come saturday and keep that in mind for your weekend plans. late in the day, a cold front heads through chicago, kansas city, st. louis, down through missouri. you will have a chance of a few showers. it's not going to ruin your thanksgiving day. keep that in mind if you have afternoon outdoor plans. very warm in the middle of the country. you will be wearing shorts in dallas today, 80 degrees on thanksgiving day. looks like we will see very warm conditions in oklahoma and all the way through the midwest. the northwest finally dried you out after a brutal stretch of rainy weather. nice thanksgiving day for you. no problems in l.a. and phoenix. trying to take a look ahead to black friday shopping. any going out late tonight, i know a lot of people lining up, stores open at midnight, from the northern plains, today's warm, tonight, very cold. to
Nov 8, 2012 6:00am PST
. this is video out of hartford, conn. this storm is passing through and they have rain and snow. this is on the heels of super storm sandy. if they are recovering from that and now they have a another blow. they estimate to get 2 to 4 in. of snow and certain areas. we may also feel the effects of the storm because of canceled flights. >> they were talking about super storm sandy last week and about 20,000 flights were canceled. many of these airlines are just started to catch up and now they have more problems. yesterday in fact 1300 flights out of the north ease were completely cancelled. today we expect to see more. here and there were a dozen flights that were affected yesterday and so far we have said only five to six that have been canceled. these are flights that are going out. the big airlines that are affected are american, delta and jet blew. at least a jet blew is waving their $150 changed see f fee. the best advice thati can give you is that you should call your airline before you come to the airport just to make sure that your flight has not been affected. it may not
Nov 1, 2012 5:00am EDT
up? >> let's check some closures. on hartford road, and at 152 at singer wrote, so far so good in terms of speed sensors not thinking of a lot. we are making our way towards 795. we are at 55 miles per hour. if you are going to travel further south, 54 miles per hour. 95 checks out ok. let's give you a live view of traffic. so far so good now on the major roadways. we will let you know if anything crops up. that is the latest. >> city police are dealing with several different incidents in the last 12 hours, including a shooting that happened just after midnight in north baltimore. police found a man suffering a gunshot wound. city police also investigating a shooting that happened around 8:30 wednesday night. investigators say an adult male was shot. he was taken to the hospital with a known injuries. about an hour off after that, police say another man was shot. police say they were interviewing a man when he walked into of hospital with a gunshot wound. officers say a man was found on south terry and james street suffering a stab wound. he was taken to the hospital with non-l
Nov 2, 2012 5:00am EDT
-to-date on what to expect as you head out in the next few minutes. water main breaks in between hill and hartford. also on york road. be prepared for extra time if you travel on those locations. also on westbound 40 at the memorial bridge. watch for closures due to utility work. a live look to see if any delays have popped up. 295, speeds about 63. not bad on 95 this morning. looking at a nice start on the major roadways. let's take a look -- a live look at traffic on 95 south of 195. everything moving well. as we switchover we will show you the closure of westbound 40 at the memorial bridge. be prepared for delays as utility work continues. that is the very latest. >> good morning. we have a delay on the metro subway running 10-15 minutes late. light rail is on schedule. on the buses, buses diverting at cold spring due to a water main break repair. one is going through park drive. >> good morning, everyone. things are quiet for this time on friday morning and it will stay that way through the weekend. no big weather stories to talk about. that is what we want to hear. a little disturbance in the
Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
is in hartford county at 2300. for those people it has been a long week. >> to restore their power, crews are working to clean up debris and a lot of trees. >> in one community, it has been a slow go from them -- for them. barry, we understand the neighbor had just had their power restored. >> yes, the power is back on but they were upset because what happened was a tree limb fell on a power line and they say last year during a snowstorm, the same thing happened. >> it is a shame it is over a tree limb. >> definitely not a tree killer. >> actually, i love the tree. it used to be beautiful. you could hear the wind whistled through it. it needs to go down because it is going to happen again. >> neighbors finally feel satisfied. the land that fell on the electric lines is now on the ground, chopped into shreds. electricity is restored. it was monday afternoon when this generator kicked in. by friday, families have lost patience. >> i am diabetic. also i am recovering from a quadruple open-heart bypass. i depend on electricity to do a lot of things. >> because the tree is historic, it cannot
Nov 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
that there is a chance for the republicans to have a resurgence in maryland. >> jacobs represents hartford and cecil county. she retains her seat as state senator. >> it was not a good night for republicans. speaker of the house john bone boener said he would be sad to lose one seat. he lost it when bartlett was not re-elected. the western maryland republican farmer and college professor lost to john delaney who who is a self made millionaire who is now one of the richest members of congress. . >> all right on the weather front, continuing to watch the storm to the south here. as we look at this, you can see it just off the carolina coast here. showers coming down and this is just the beginning. we expect drizzle by first thing in the morning and we're looking at the possibility of good winds by the afternoon and a change from snow to rain and snow to just snow tomorrow night. these are coastal flood warnings up for southern delaware through the jersey coastline. and temperatures now running on the cold side so we have the cold air available, temperatures are going to struggle l to get out of the
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